If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“I was very picky when choosing an orthodontist to have braces again for the second time. This time as a 27-year-old adult, I wanted premium services to make sure it was done in a timely manner with excellent results. It is usually hard to find a doctor that meets your expectations but I can honestly say that Dr. Greenspan and his staff more than exceeded my expectations. 

I got my braces off today and the results are unbelievably amazing! We were exactly on schedule and stuck to the timeline he gave, plus the results delivered all the changes I was expecting. Many of my other friends who got braces as adults were initially told a few months but in reality their treatments got stretched to over a year for a touch-up! Being that I had already had braces before and my teeth were relatively straight, I was expecting only minor improvements, but boy was I wrong! Even though I already had a good smile before, I still got pretty dramatic results and my smile went from good to amazing!

Not only were the results amazing, but the journey getting here has been as comfortable as it can possibly be. By that I mean that they take extra care to be thorough in the little things, such as making sure to file down wires so that it doesn’t poke you, being flexible with scheduling around your busy schedule, and always greeting you with the friendliest and most professional staff. Even today when I got my braces off, Jessica and Dr. Greenspan were extra thorough in making sure no cement was left behind. I remember my first time getting braces the ortho left so many traces that I had to go back to the dentist to get it all off.

This staff definitely sets itself apart from other teams in so many little and large ways. I would highly recommend that if you like to get things done efficiently and done right, this is the place to go. I got every penny’s worth. Thank you, Dr. Greenspan and the entire staff!” — Tiffany N.

“For my 27th birthday, I treated myself to braces. Something I’ve been wanting since my smile affected my self-esteem. I visited Dr. Greenspan based on the referral of my dentist, who spoke highly of him.

I have now been a patient of his for over a year. I cannot think of one thing that is not perfect with his practice. His staff is always nice and accommodating. He was always able to see me, even if it was a same-day appointment. The equipment he uses is state of the art, and you can tell he spares no expense. He is EXTREMELY knowledgeable. Just take a look at his credentials and experience! I would trust no one else.

If I could do it all over again, there is nothing I would change.” — Daniel W.

“Dr. Greenspan and his staff are amazing. They are accommodating and willing to work around school and sport schedules. The office is comfortable and the staff are professional and friendly. Dr. Greenspan is easygoing and made my daughter feel at ease. I had the utmost confidence in his decisions throughout the entire two-year process. She had a few tricky areas and tongue-thrusting issues. He referred us out to help with her tongue. He was a perfectionist every step of the way. I am so happy we found him when we moved here two years ago and I look forward to him guiding our younger son through his orthodontia needs in the coming months. Thank you again, Dr. Greenspan and staff. Best to you all and much success.” — Angie D.

“I just got my braces off with Dr. Greenspan and I am so happy with my new smile.

It did not even take that long. I am not very good at remembering things, like wearing my rubber bands to fix my bite, but I noticed the better I was at wearing them, the faster my teeth moved just like they told me. Everyone was so friendly and professional and it made having braces such an easy experience. Thank you, Dr. Greenspan and staff; you are the best!!” — Erik H.

“I had straight teeth but a challenging alignment issue due to a previous surgery. There is no one else I would have trusted to get the job done. Dr. Greenspan has the top-of-the-line equipment in a very clean, modern office. Parking is always easy. His system for scheduling is automated and helpful with e-mail reminders sent before each visit. His business is all the way around very service oriented. He really considers all approaches and thoroughly discusses his strategy before implementing.

His staff is personable at each visit, professional, and knowledgeable when assisting him. He has gone over and beyond with his follow-up and care. I honestly can’t say enough about the progress I have seen thus far. I had a tricky case. I am done, and am already elated with the results. My kiddos are in line to see him next. I do refer him to anyone in need of braces, and will continue to do so. To have proper alignment makes me giddy, and was well worth having braces ... again ... at my age.” — Treigh M.

“My family is very grateful for Dr. Greenspan and his wonderful staff. As an employee of his colleague, he offered me discounted services on my daughter’s retainer. Each time we see Dr. Greenspan for an appointment, we are treated with professionalism and respect and I greatly appreciate the quality care that my daughter receives. I know her treatment will have the best outcome with Dr. Greenspan’s vast knowledge and years of experience. Thank you for letting us be a part of your wonderful practice.” — Heather D.

“One kid down, one to go. And we will definitely go back to Dr. Greenspan for the second one.

Where to start? Dr. Greenspan is a perfectionist. Everything from the look to the bite will be flawless before he decides that the treatment has concluded. And I mean ABSOLUTELY FLAWLESS. He nitpicked over micro-millimeters with kid #1 and insisted on extra treatment (at no extra cost to me). I appreciate that kind of attention to detail; after all, why bother with expensive orthodontia at all if it’s not going to be done right?

He does not nickel-and-dime his patients; we decided on a price at the beginning of treatment and Dr. Greenspan stuck to that price, no matter what, to the very end. His fee was very reasonable. (Note: We had estimates from two other popular North County orthodontists that were higher, although all three were comparable, price-wise. We chose Dr. Greenspan based on two friends’ recommendations.)

Appointment scheduling was never an issue, even though we had to cancel and change left and right. When a good portion of your clientele is school-age kids with extracurricular activities, I’m sure it is a challenge to fit everyone in. Still, this never seemed to be a problem for this office. Appointment changes were made easily by phone, and sometimes at the last minute, unfortunately, but hey, stuff happens. Dr. G’s office seemed to understand that pretty well and always tried to accommodate us.

Overall, a really positive experience with excellent results. He’s not cheap, but would you really want a ‘cheap’ orthodontist treating your kid? Yes, we dropped some dough, but I will happily do it again for kid #2, who deserves nothing less than the best.

“ ***UPDATE 4/25/11: Kid # 2 is now done with braces also! And yes, we went back to Dr. Greenspan. I am happy to report that our experience with #2 was just as good. Dr. Greenspan really is the best.

It’s easy to give a service (such as orthodontia) a great review just after it has been completed. The real test is, how does the job look and perform years later? Kid #1 still has a fantastic smile and bite. No shifting, no problems, perfect outcome. Kid #2 looks great too, and I expect he will look and feel just as good in the years to come.

This is what I paid for: perfect and FINAL results. There are a lot of orthodontists out there, but you can’t convince me that anyone is better than this orthodontist. Tried and tested, two great outcomes, and now I can say that I have given BOTH kids the best.” — Ellen M.

“Dr. Greenspan and his staff are wonderful! They are accommodating and willing to work around school and sport schedules. Staff are professional and friendly. Dr. Greenspan is easygoing and makes my boys feel comfortable, jokes with them, and always makes positive comments to them. Highly recommend and have done so with friends.” — Karina I.

“Dr Greenspan is overall excellent. He is in the process of making my perfect teeth and so far he has done a great job. My cramped mouth was filled with crooked teeth, but now my teeth are straight and there is room to grow. I really recommend Dr. Greenspan for anyone and everyone. Thank you, doctor!” — Imran T.

“I have enjoyed watching Dr. Greenspan and his fabulous crew work for many years now, throughout my children’s treatment and now my own. He and his associates run a tight ship! And I remember especially my son commenting on how smooth and easy it was when Dr. Greenspan worked on his braces. Everyone who is ‘in the know’ goes to Dr. Greenspan for their ortho work; we run into friends from around the neighborhood all the time. Thanks, Dr. Greenspan, for making us all healthier and even more beautiful here in sunny San Diego!” — Jennifer K.

“It’s our first time to visit Dr. Greenspan. He was super nice and professional, and the treatment plan that he gave us sounded great. Staff there were also helpful and fantastic. I hope my daughter will have a beautiful smile in future.” — Xiaojiong L.

“This was my first visit and it was very good. Although the procedure was difficult, the staff and doctor were fantastic. I needed a follow-up appointment with an oral surgeon and that was taken care of for me as well.

I was pleasantly surprised later that night to receive a call from the doctor who was calling to see how I was feeling. When is the last time you had a doctor do that?

I know my orthodontic plan is good hands and will definitely recommend Greenspan Orthodontics to anyone interested in orthodontic treatment!” — Dennis K.

“My 12-year-old son got braces last week. Let me just say that he was not happy about it. I am writing this review to highlight how amazing Dr. Greenspan and his staff are at dealing with scared and grumpy kids. They were patient, understanding, kind, and professional. Thank you!” — KP J.

“The staff is incredibly professional and friendly. I am truly impressed with how accommodating they are when it comes to scheduling. Their perfectionism when it comes to teeth is appreciated!” — Shawna D.

“Prompt service and quick checkup. A busy mother couldn’t ask for more!” — Kerily M.

“Nathan’s braces-free smile looks great. Always a pleasure to come in!” — Jennifer R.

“Dr. Greenspan was professional and his efforts showed amazing results. The staff was very friendly and always helpful. Thank you so much for my teeth!” — Claire T.

“Thanks, Dr. Greenspan, for getting Nikki in so quickly. Her wire was really bothering her and it’s nice to know we can pop in for help and get it fixed right away!” — Sarah E.

“Can’t be happier with the result. Dr Greenspan is very nice and professional.” — Anne S.

“Dr. Greenspan’s office is amazing! They always make sure to put your comfort first. Dr. Greenspan is very particular and makes every little thing absolutely perfect. Everyone in his office is highly trained and very nice. Even though it took time, my teeth became perfect when I was done with my treatment. I definitely recommend his office if you want to be treated well and get flawless teeth!” — Tasnim T.

“Dr. Greenspan is the best orthodontist in San Diego. I highly recommend him to everyone. He knows what he is doing and is very good at what he does. He is also the nicest. If you want the best results, come to him for sure. And his staff is the best in the business. I appreciate their work because they changed my life and gave me a new smile. Thanks, Dr. Greenspan and staff. You really give me new life.” — Aneeza K.

“We used Dr. Greenspan and his team for many years. One of our kids had a very crowded mouth and lacked room for the adult teeth to properly come in. Dr. Greenspan guided the adult teeth in without having to remove many teeth in the process. Other doctors wanted to just pull teeth, then put braces on. Our other child was much more straightforward. Now that the kids have their braces off, we can easily see the perfection! Dr. Greenspan does not overcharge and is very reasonable. Easy appointments and clean office! We would definitely use Dr. Greenspan in the future if needed!

Thank you for a great job. I’d give six stars if I could!” — Jeff B.